Superbank Super Session

Photo: Corey Wilson


“Holy s–t, look at the f–king waves!?” screams Kolohe Andino at a higher-than-normal decibel level, seemingly to no one at all. Sun-bleached and smiling in a manner that Andino doesn’t regularly smile and paddling like he’s scratching for the wave that might win him a world title. But there is no clock or judging panel or critics or urgency at all.

Andino was eliminated from the Quiksilver Pro three days prior. In fact, he was no where to be seen in the dramatic and exciting hours leading up to goofyfooter Gabriel Medina’s astonishing event win the day prior. Some thought he’d already caught a flight back home or over to West Oz for the next stop on the World Tour.

But here he is. Screaming and racing back out to the lineup, glowing. Just seconds ago he was tucked in a sparkling blue-green barrel heading into the Greenmount bank. Minutes later, he’s back on a head-high wave, racing down the line, stalling with his right arm, sliding in picture-perfect framing and lighting, passing several delighted water photographers. While his enthusiasm level may be slightly unique to the setting, Andino’s experiences on this day are not: the Superbank – or at least the stretch from Snapper Rocks through Kirra, nearly a half-mile of coastline – is firing.

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