The Park Maker

2014-9-10-OAKLEY_DENMARK-1001017Skate parks weren’t “skate parks” when he was growing up. Just about any open piece of asphalt with a couple small ramps and a rail qualified. They were created and maintained by the kids in the neighborhood and largely seen as an eyesore by the surrounding community. But they were enough. It was a place to skate and experiment and progress. It was at one of those small, simple parks in Copenhagen where Rune Glifberg first began his journey to becoming an icon.

These days, after all the contest wins and magazine covers and fame, Glifberg wants to give back. He wants to make sure that the parks that are created – which can be multi-million dollar investments – are done right. He offered his insights and feedback when his home park in Copenhagen was refurbished a few years back and it was in that volunteer effort that he recognized an interest he didn’t even know existed.

That first project led to another and Glifberg recognized an opportunity. Alongside his creative partner, Ebbe Lykke, the pair started their own design firm, Glifberg+Lykke, and are now competing for bids and being commissioned to design parks or “creative spaces,” as Glifberg calls them, including the recently opened Street Dome in Haderslev, Denmark.

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