Fear & Loathing in Australia


Published on Oakley.com, April 2013

Failure is terrifying. It’s degrading, it’s frustrating and in skateboarding, it’s often downright painful. Sometimes that pain is all upstairs. Most of the time, it’s physical. Either way, scars result.

Dismissing that fear is what separates the good skaters from the great ones, but it’s the added element of style that separates the great skaters from the superstars.

By those standards, we sent three superstars and a fourth-in-the-making to Australia to land a few tricks, ride some new spots, hang with the locals (while limiting the Tooheys) and get the occasional shot. To ensure the latter, we also sent one of the best photographers in the business to document their travels.

Read the rest of the story – featuring Eric Koston, Ryan Sheckler, Rune Glifberg, Sam Beckett and Curren Caples – here.

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